Istikhara Method In Urdu

This section is for Urdu speaking brothers and sisters. Istikhara in Urdu or Istikhara Method in Urdu is explained below:

How to do Istikhara in Urdu

How to do Istikhara is not a mystery any more. Following are the steps mentioned in Urdu language to perform Istikhara:

how to do istikhara in urdu, namaz istikhara in urdu


Who can do Istikhara Prayer

Who can do Istikhara Prayer? Istikhara Prayer is something between you and Allah (swt). Its best to do it yourself but someone else can do it on your behalf as well. It’s better to do it by yourself to get closer to Allah (swt). You can ask someone else to do Istikhara on your behalf but the Istikhara that is done without your consent on your behalf may not be valid and you may not have to follow it. In this way people can start doing Istikhara on your behalf and tell you what to do?. When You didn’t even ask them to do Istikhara on your behalf. Its not fair enough for the person for whom the Istikhara Prayer is done.

 Istikhara Method in Urdu for Urdu Speaking Brothers and Sisters

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